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Finding a new home

Craigdale Housing Association owns and manages 392 flats and houses, where we provide housing for all in the community. Our housing stock is contained within the south of Glasgow to the west of Castlemilk. Our properties are made up within the areas of:

Phase 1 Downcraig Drive, Downcraig Road & Birgidale Road
Phase 2 Birgidale Road
Phase 3 Dougrie Road & Dougrie Gardens
Phase 4 Westcastle Crescent, Westcastle Grove & Westcastle Court
Phase 5 Downcraig Drive & Downcraig Terrace
Phase 6 Glenacre Drive & Glenacre Grove
Phase 7 Dougrie Drive, Dougrie Street, Glenacre Drive & Glenacre Gardens
Phase 8 Dougrie Terrace & Dougrie Close
Phase 9 Downcraig Road, Downcraig Drive & Downcraig Terrace
Phase 10 Carmunnock Road

If you are aged 16 or over, living in the area already, or looking to move into the area, we will aim to supply you with the best advice on housing options available to you including Mainstream Housing, Mutual Exchanges and Shared Ownership.

If you are interested in being re-housed within Craigdale Housing Association stock then please read our applying for a home page for more details.

If you are about to be made homeless, then unfortunately the Association doesn't have emergency or temporary accommodation, we can only refer applicants to Glasgow City Council.