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Assessing The Rent

The Association reviews rents annually and takes into account the expenditure over the past year and anticipates the expenditure over the coming year. Rent increases normally take place in the First week in April every year. Tenants will be consulted prior to any increase being implemented and you will be notified of this around November each year so that your views can be considered.

Anyone who has been a tenant of the Association since 31st December 1989 currently has their rent set by the Rent Registration Officer. They set what they think is a fair rent for the property and tenants can only be charged that amount. Under new legislation these tenants now have the choice of continuing with the Rent Officer or asking the Association to set their rent.

Details on how rents are set is available from the Association's office or the Rent Setting Policy is available in the table below.

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Rent Setting (24.06.19) PDF icon 201KB