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Rent Increase Proposal 2022/23

We would like your views on our proposals for next year’s rent charge. Your feedback is a very important part of our decision-making, and we would really appreciate it if you could take a little time to read our proposals before having your say.

Historically the association has managed to keep rent increases well below those of other registered social landlords, and rents are lower than other Castlemilk RSLs.  Unfortunately, with October’s rate of inflation at 4.2%, and the associations business plan assumes that the rent increase will be Octobers CPI +1%, therefore a larger rent increase is inevitable. 

This year our Board have agreed to consult on 2 options:

Option A - We will increase rent levels by 4.1%. This increase means that efficiencies will need to be realised across the business

Option B – We will increase rent levels by 5.2%. We will continue to deliver current services and maybe able to offer additional services should the rate of inflation stabilise.

We depend on your rental income to provide housing and deliver services necessary to maintain and improve your home.  In agreeing our rent proposals for consultation, we have carefully considered how we balance:

• the level of service we provide
• the cost of these services
• affordability for customers
• and how we continue to invest in our stock

In striving to keep our rents as affordable as possible, we have been working hard to
ensure we are as efficient as possible while also continuing to improve services and deliver the priorities we know are important to you.

In determining the rent needed we also consider how much it costs to run the business, pay our existing loans that allowed the houses to be built or refurbished in the past and set aside enough money to maintain your home over the next thirty years.
To allow you to understand how the rental income is spent the chart below shows how every pound of rent is used.

The association understands the impact any rent increase will have on the household budget of all tenants, in a time when other prices are increasing, and wages are not. For this reason, we continue to offer welfare rights, money and energy efficiency advice to our tenants, please ask any member of staff for a referral.

A final decision on the rent increase has not been made and your views are important to us. Research Resource will be phoning some tenants to ask for feedback and if you have any comments or views, please complete feedback form below before Friday 14th January 2022.   Or if you would rather, contact the office via email on or call 0141 634 6473 and ask to speak to Samantha Morton. All forms returned before this date, will be entered into a draw to win £100 vouchers of your choice.  

Assessing The Rent

The Association reviews rents annually and takes into account the expenditure over the past year and anticipates the expenditure over the coming year. Rent increases normally take place on the 28th March every year. Tenants will be consulted prior to any increase being implemented and you will be notified of this around November each year so that your views can be considered.

Anyone who has been a tenant of the Association since 31st December 1989 currently has their rent set by the Rent Registration Officer. They set what they think is a fair rent for the property and tenants can only be charged that amount. Under new legislation these tenants now have the choice of continuing with the Rent Officer or asking the Association to set their rent.

Details on how rents are set is available from the Association's office or the Rent Setting Policy is available.