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Our History

Craigdale Housing Association is a voluntary organisation which builds, improves and manages houses, mainly for rent in the Castlemilk area of Glasgow. Our origins date back to 1988 when a local residents group was established which led to a housing solution in the form of a stock transfer from Glasgow City Council to Craigdale Housing Association Ltd. Craigdale has focused on improving the physical appearance and the appeal of the area. Nine phases of development have been completed generating 398 new and improved homes for rent, shared ownership and owner occupation. Each phase has been developed with the needs and aspirations of tenants and the community in mind.

Today our aim to provide good quality, affordable housing remains to the forefront. We also undertaken a ‘wider role‘ in our community. Our wider role is where we aim to improve the social, economic and environmental circumstances of the community in which we operate. Craigdale Housing Association is a ‘not-for-profit‘ organisation which provides rented housing and low cost home ownership for people who need it.

The Association is registered as:

• a registered social landlord with The Scottish Housing Regulator.

• a charity with the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator.


Craigdale has to meet the high standards which these organisations set down for Housing Associations with charitable status.

Jul 1958

Birgidale Road

Birgidale Road

Properties built in Birgidale Road.

Dec 1988

Craigdale is founded

Craigdale Housing Association is formed following a stock transfer from Glasgow City Council