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Repair Response Times

The Association will always endeavor to carry out repairs as quickly as possible; however target response times for completion of repairs depend on the nature of the repair required.

The Association has 4 different categories of reactive repair:
• Emergency Repairs
• Urgent Repairs
• Routine Repairs
• Qualifying Repairs (under the Right to Repair Scheme)

Emergency Repairs

An emergency repair is a repair which if not carried out could threaten the health or safety of the tenant, or could cause serious damage to the building e.g. gas leaks, flooding or electrical faults which may be dangerous.

Response to this type of repair should be as soon as possible but not more than 2 hours, and with completion within 6 hours of repair being reported. Any follow up work required will be allocated a routine / urgent job line depending on circumstances, unless there are difficulties accessing supplies of replacement parts to complete the repair.

Urgent Repair

This is a repair which causes substantial inconvenience to tenants and has a degree of urgency e.g. faulty electrical systems and fittings, leaking pipes, partial loss of water, and repairs required to features of communal areas including doors and roofs.

Response to this should be as soon as possible, but not more than 3 Working Days.

Routine Repairs

This is a repair that is minor in nature and does not pose any threat to the health or safety of the tenant or building.
Response time is within 10 Working Days.

Qualifying Repairs

Under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, Scottish Secure Tenants have the right to have certain small but urgent repairs carried out by their landlord within a given timescale. Response times vary between 1 and 7 working days For full details of qualifying repairs please see our Right to Repair Section.

The only exception to these timescales should be in cases where repairs require detailed examination such as dampness or if special parts or materials have to be ordered.